Manufacturer of household cleaning products

GRUPA INCO S.A., a manufacturer of cleaning products, offers a wide range of cleaning products and household chemicals. Our product range includes all kinds of household cleaning products that allow our clients to clean any surface at home.


Manufacturer of cleaning products and household chemicals


Cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and other spaces at home, cleaning up surfaces of various kinds, or washing dishes, requires the use of appropriate products. Household chemicals, that help us keep our surroundings clean and tidy need to have certain properties to make the process easy, simple and even pleasant. We offer high-quality products, based on the best formulas that perfectly fulfill their role and facilitate keeping our homes clean.


GRUPA INCO S.A. offers a wide range of cleaning products and household chemicals. The products are available under various brands: Ludwik, Ludwik Eco, BIOstar Cleaning Products, Biofos Professional, Lucek, Flesz, Vast, Segment and Minos, facilitate cleaning of various types of surfaces, i.e. from glass, floors, wood, through glaze, to polished stone.


Our product range also includes other chemical products, such as ABE liquid soaps, BUWI shoe cleaning and care products, Elvis shampoos for short and long-haired dogs and products for cars, such as waxes, lotions and liquids under the Automax brand.

Household cleaning products - safe and effective


At GRUPA INCO S.A., we make sure that effectiveness our cleaning products is as high as possible and, at the same time, that they are completely safe for health and environment. Our products comply with the most demanding requirements and are also exceptionally efficient. Cleaning has never been so effective and easy.


Out of concern for the environment, we have also created a line of environmentally friendly cleaning products branded Ludwik Ekologiczny (Ludwik Eco). These products are based on ingredients certified as ecological by the Polish Center for Testing and Certification. In addition, these products do not contain harmful substances, and their packaging is 100% recyclable.


Check out the full range of our cleaning products and household chemicals.


is an iconic and popular umbrella brand that offers a wide variety of dishwashing products, as well as various formats of cleaning products for windows, floors, bathroom appliances and more.

Ludwik ekologiczny (Ludwik Eco)

are innovative, highly effective and environmentally friendly cleaning products. The whole series includes, among others, dishwasher tablets, dishwashing liquids, cleaning liquids for kitchen, bathroom, showers and windows. The products meet Ecolabel criteria.

BIOstar cleaning products

are cleaning products right for your home. Their unique formulas combine the benefits of plant extracts and natural bioactive agent with probiotics. Thanks to these formulas BIOstar products are fantastic at removing dirt and maintaining biological balance. The products are certified as natural detergents by Ecocert or by Ecolabel.

Biofos Professional

is a line of products dedicated for septic tanks, home sewage treatment plants, free-standing toilets, individual sewage installations and sanitary facilities. The products contain a biologically active agent, which helps to maintain optimal function of installations.


The brand offers a wide range of cost-effective dishwashing liquids.


 This line includes toilet gels, stain removers and all-purpose washing liquids.


 is a brand known for its irreplaceable shoe cleaning and care products. The Buwi range includes lotions, polishes, creams and water repellents for both natural and artificial leathers, such as nubuck and suede.


are products for cleaning and maintenance of polished stone surfaces. They are particularly useful for cleaning tombstones and monuments.

 Logo ABE


The ABE range of caring liquid soaps contains delicate plant-based detergents and a vitamin complex.


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