Garden fertilisers

GRUPA INCO S.A. is a renowned manufacturer of garden fertilisers.

Our portfolio includes, among others, multi-ingredient mineral and mineral-organic fertilisers for amateur gardeners, produced under the Azofoska, Florovit, Florovit Pro Natura and Fruktovit brands. We have been the leader in this category for many years – Florovit and Azofoska are the most frequently chosen brands of garden fertilisers in Poland (research by DBM, July 2013).

GRUPA INCO S.A. also produces single-ingredient and multi-ingredient fertilisers for professionals, under the name Florovit AGRO. The high quality of all of our products is assured by our use of the latest technologies and a state-of-the-art production line.


FLOROVIT – specialist fertilisers in liquid and granule form, for amateur gardeners. Designed for use on plants in the garden, in the house and on the balcony. The wide range of recipes take account of the individual needs of various types of plants, such as lawns, conifers, flowers and fruits. The range of fertilisers is supplemented by other products used in the care of house and garden plants. Go to dedicated page


FLOROVIT PRO NATURA – organic-mineral fertilisers containing organic substances to improve soil quality, as well as the minerals needed to ensure proper growth and development of plants. They act on the soil and plants in a similar way to manure.Go to dedicated page

FLOROVIT  AGRO – a line of liquid fertilisers for professional gardeners, including multi-ingredient fertilisers and microelements. They are designed for use in agriculture and horticulture and in orchards, and are offered together with Comprehensive Fertilisation Programmes, which help select suitable fertilisers, optimum dosage and the best dates for application. Go to dedicated page.

AZOFOSKA – offered in small packs for amateur gardeners, in the form of granules, liquid or crystals; a universal garden fertiliser with a full complement of macro- and microelements. Ideal for all types of plants: lawns, ornamental plants, fruit trees and bushes, vegetables and agricultural crops. Go to dedicated page 

AZOFOSKA in large packs for the professional market – a comprehensive, chloride-free multi-element fertiliser, with a recipe designed to ensure that plants receive not only all the necessary macro-ingredients, but also microelements. The proportions of the fertiliser’s ingredients and the forms in which they appear mean that Azofoska can be used effectively on crops of vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants.  Go to dedicated page 
FRUKTOVIT  -economical fertilisers for amateur gardeners, in liquid and granule form. Good quality at a reasonable price.  Go to dedicated page 

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