Modern technologies

GRUPA INCO S.A. is a manufacturer of household chemical products, garden fertilisers and plastic packaging. The production of such a wide assortment of items while maintaining the high efficiency of technological processes is made possible by state-of-the-art production technologies and the latest generation of machinery from renowned international firms. These technological resources enable us to minimise the negative impact on the natural environment, which means that our operations are fully in line with the priorities and requirements of environmental conservation in Poland and in the EU. Apart from taking care of the natural environment, GRUPA INCO S.A. makes every effort to ensure that its production plants comply with applicable regulations and standards, as is confirmed by the relevant certificates awarded to our products.

Production takes place at five plants, of which the largest, in Góra Kalwaria, specialises in the manufacture of the following products:

  • Ludwik and Lucek washing-up liquids and lotions
  • Ludwik dishwasher tablets
  • Buwi shoe and floor polishes
  • the AutoMAX line of car cleaning and care products
  • Segment furniture cleaning and care products
  • Minos gravestone maintenance products
  • Chlorinol, Mlefos and Incozan specialist industrial products

Production takes place in three separate buildings, each used exclusively for the manufacture of products of a particular type. All of our production halls contain technological systems of the highest class. The newest and most technologically advanced apparatus is used in the manufacture of dishwasher tablets. This enables us to produce a very varied assortment of chemical products and to achieve highly efficient technological processes.

All of our production processes are based on strictly defined standards, resulting from a desire to ensure the highest quality of production, the safety of our workers and protection of the environment. Qualified personnel oversee the execution of production processes and the quality of the final products. A group of technologists constantly make improvements to the production process by implementing the latest solutions in production equipment. Every new product is assessed in terms of consumer safety and is appropriately labelled.


The production plant in Borów specialises in the manufacture of washing-up liquids, universal and specialist cleaning products, dishwasher products and liquid soaps. Our key products include the Ludwik and Flesz universal washing-up liquids, our glass cleaners, kitchen and bathroom cleaning creams, Ludwik dishwasher gels and shining liquids, ABE liquid soaps, and clothes washing liquids.

A very important part of our operations is the manufacture of cleaning products, adapted directly to the individual needs of our customers.

Household chemical products are manufactured in three production halls, which contain mixing sections as well as packing equipment conforming to international standards. Cosmetics production uses a special system that complies with the strict GMP requirements. The standard of the production environment is determined following a risk assessment, and is adapted on each occasion to meet specialist technological requirements, customer expectations, and in particular any risks posed by a product.

The whole of the production process, from the ordering of the required materials and ingredients right up to the completion of individual stages of production, is carefully monitored by qualified personnel. Where required, the production environment is also subject to auditing, with the aim of maintaining the high quality of products and ensuring delivery within the time expected by the customer. Significant aspects in the conduct of our operations include the safety of our workers, minimisation of the negative impact on the environment, and optimisation of the processes used. All of these factors are evaluated systematically by qualified personnel.

Having regard to our customers’ satisfaction and their ever growing requirements, the plant’s management system and production standards have undergone a certification process in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and GMP.

The production plant in Izabelin is located on the edge of the Kampinos Forest, within the ecologically oriented Izabelin District.

Pharmaceutical products include non-sterile liquids:

  • ABE skin treatment;
  • BRODACID skin treatment.

Production takes place using modernised production lines which have been adapted to meet the requirements of current GMP regulations, for both pharmaceutical and cosmetics production.

The technological processes used are safe for the environment.

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